The Falls of Mysterion

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A pirate girl. A deadly mission. A chance for redemption.

Isabella is lost, running from an abusive father and a broken home. Tempted by the Djinn, she’s drawn into the forgotten world of Mysterion, where she joins the pirates and reinvents herself as Bella Couteau.

When the pirate king commands her to assassinate his arch-enemy, the Elder of Mysterion, Bella seizes the opportunity to win glory and greatness as his chosen heir. But as she makes the perilous journey to Elder’s Island, she starts to question everything she’s come to believe. And when she finally confronts the Elder, he makes her an unexpected offer: a new life—if only she has the courage to grasp it.

The Falls of Mysterion is the second book in Richard Garcia Morgan’s Young Adult Fantasy series, Tales from Mysterion. If you liked Daughter of the Pirate King and Voyage of the Dawn Treader, you’ll love this gripping tale of a plucky young heroine coming of age in a magical world filled with swashbuckling villains, seagoing dragons, monsters, and mermaids.

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